LVL Lashes Now at Zest Beauty!

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We are extremely happy to announce the launch of LVL Lashes here at Zest Beauty! 

LVL Lashes are everywhere right now. It’s the hottest celebrity lash lift treatment, with beauty bloggers agreeing that it’s the

“best treatment ever”.

If you’re looking for a way to elongate, enhance and exaggerate your lashes, then LVL is the answer. Say goodbye to mascara, lash curlers and extensions; cause here are some reasons LVL will change your life.

They’re fuss free
The wonderful thing about LVL lashes is that they’re natural. Lift, volu

mise, lengthen and tint your natural lashes, and once you leave the salon, that’s it! No coming back for maintenance treatments and no need to come back to remove.

They’re long lasting
LVL lashes last six to eight weeks. That’s a lot of days to have lashes-on-fleek!

It’s perfect for holidays
LVL is the perfect treatment for your holidays because it doesn’t require any maintenance. The last thing you want on holiday is a full face of make-up and as you don’t have to wear mascara with LVL lashes goodbye to panda-eye disasters in the pool or while sunbathing.

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today!


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