Discover the essence of being when you enter the world of Aroma Mosaic. By creating an incomparable mosaic of treatments, Decleor has taken into account all the needs of your body and mind.


Aroma Blend Power Sculpt Massage
1hr | £40.00

An anti-cellulite detox treatment, involving essential oils and spices. This combination of product and massage helps to refine contours and smooth out fatty deposits.

Radiant Mother-To-Be
1hr 20mins | £48.00

A perfect time for pampering. A tailor made combined face and body treatment which encourages skin elasticity and prevention of stretch marks. A safe and wonderfully relaxing treatment.
*Recommended for expectant mothers 3 months and onwards.

Deep Tissue Back and Shoulder Massage
| £27.50

This highly targeted treatment focuses solely on releasing tension in the back and shoulders. Intensely de-stressing, your therapist customises the level of pressure in a powerful deep tissue massage to break down and disperse all aches and pains caused by tight muscles.

Purifying Back Treatment
1hr | £35.00

A facial for the back! Using hot towels, massage and a purifying mask to diminish congestion and blocked pores.

Deep Tissue Muscle Energiser Massage
| £42.50

Powerful, deep and strongly rhythmic movements make this customised massage pure therapy for the body and soul. Created to alleviate stress deep down and release the discomfort of aching muscles (whether through fatigue or stress), 100% natural, Decleor Essential Oil Balms actively work with your body to release localised areas of intense tension. Leaves your mind feeling less cluttered and muscles intensely relaxed.